If you are looking to purchase a successful racehorse, there are traits that you should look for. These characteristics determine whether your horse will be more competitive in the field. We have put together things you should look for before purchasing a racehorse. They include the following.


If a sire has produced many winners, then go for it. As the first thing, you need to know about a horse, make sure you have a good history of the horse and know the winning records of the parents and siblings. Also, get information about the records of its offsprings if it has any. However, due to the winning records, expect to dig deeper into your pockets to acquire one.

Bone Structure

A good racehorse should have a proportional horse structure. It should have the right size and strong bones for its body size. A good horse bone structure indicates that it can carry its weight during the horse racing without problems. It also shows that extra weight on it would not be a big deal.

Muscle Tone

A racehorse should have a sufficient amount of muscle and strength in its back legs. Racehorses get most of their power from these legs. Also, shoulder muscles contribute to the horse’s strength. Therefore, be sure to check if the horse is well built, especially in these areas before buying it.


For a horse to be proportional, the hip, neck, and back should have equal strength. Horses with proportional strength in these areas are more balanced. However, young horses tend to be more unbalanced, but they become more proportional as they grow up. When buying a young horse, you might not consider this factor.

Now you know four things that make a good racehorse. If you are planning to purchase a racehorse, make sure you get value for your money by considering these factors.