Our site endeavours to offer objective articles on horse riding and everything that is relevant in equestrian sports. We understand that there is undoubtedly a growing interest in horse racing events. Unfortunately, most horse racing enthusiasts are often found lacking as far as knowledge is concerned. What makes us tick, is the desire to share experience and offer solutions to equestrians.

There is more to owning a horse than just keeping it as a hobby in equestrian events. The content shared on this platform touches on each of the following key topics, and of course, any relevant stuff we stumble upon.

Equestrian Events

There are three main equestrian events. Some popular events known today include show jumping, dressage, and eventing. Each of these events is designed differently, both on the part of the horse and rider. Also, each of these activities requires a different training approach and specific accessories. We objectively cover these three events, and a few others, to help you understand the rules of the game.

Buying a Horse

A horse is the most critical asset in any equestrian event. Thus, anyone with aspirations of becoming a rider needs to know which horse to buy and why. Different horses have different attributes. Some have unique qualities that allow them to feature in various equestrian events, whereas others are just not good enough. And true to our word, we share actionable tips and suggestions that will help you get the right horse.

Riding Tips

Horse riding requires the input of both the rider and the horse. These are the major players in any equestrian or horse racing event, and their actions should be well-coordinated. We take you through both basic and advanced horse riding tips. Of course, this includes some safety tips to lessen the risk of injuries, just in case you fall off.

Horse Care

Investing in the right horse is always not the end of the road; neither does it guarantee success. It is therefore essential to invest in your horse. You need to prepare your horse for upcoming equestrian events. Also, you need to invest in some eventing essentials such as horse racing studs. We understand that getting everything right can be quite tricky, and this is why we share actionable tips, aimed at improving the way you handle your horse.

Our objective is to empower racing syndicates. Please browse through our articles to have some of your questions answered, as far as equestrian sports are concerned.